Genealogy research in Baltic states

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We can help you to prepare, study, and structure your information into a comprehensible and user-friendly format. It will give us possibility to estimate the scope of work and draw up a schedule of the research in case of our appointment or give you recommendations for further search.


We make a general or detailed research.

  • Genaral: family structure, life circumstances, lifestyle of ancestors.
  • Detailed: biography of one of the ancestors, history of place, building, institution

Old Family photos

We digitalize old photos recovering them if they are faded or damaged. We make digital photo albums.

Additional services

We can also offer the following money for value services:

  • We can draw up a family tree and pedigree charts;
  • We can write and design a book about the history of your family;
  • We can organize guided tours to the places of residence of your ancestors

Genealogical research

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    • Data Collection
    • Data Analysis
    • Line of Research
    • Recommendations for Further Research
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    • Data Collection
    • Data Analysis
    • Line of Research
    • Plan of Research
    • Data Search in Archives and Libraries
    • Detailed Report
    • Drawing up of a pedigree chart
  • from



    • Data Collection
    • Data Analysis
    • Line of Research
    • Plan of Research
    • Data Search in Archives and Libraries
    • Detailed Report
    • Drawing up of a pedigree chart
    • Drawing up of a Genealogic Tree
    • Genealogic Book Writing and Design

Photo Restoration

Examples of reports design

Pedigree chart of Smirnovs

Functional pedigree chart. Specified: general line, gender, names, dates of birth and death, affiliation with a certain generation, chronology of children’s births, location (applicable to a general line)

Fedor Smirnov’s family

The diagram shows: lifetime, number of children, chronology of their births, years of life, years of marriage and parenthood

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Genealogic tree of Shipchinskijs’

An extract from an interactive family register. The genealogic tree includes both major and secondary branches

About Us


In the times of Adam and Eva everything was clear and simple and nobody needed genealogy. Since then lots of things got so complicated that even prominent genealogists sometimes cannot sort out the history of a family. Working in the territory of the Baltic States we also try to contribute to this magnificent investigation of mankind. And who knows, may be we will be lucky to have a closer look at the distant past because our ancestors are alive as long as we remember them.

Andrei Repin

My interest in genealogy started from curiosity about the history of my family. Finding documents of my ancestors in archives, sorting out old photos and collecting family legends I moved up from generation to generation. Many years have passed since then. Investigating the tree of life I came to better understanding of myself, found my place in this world and realised that my higher purpose is to help people with tracing their genealogy.

Skills — search, documentation of a genealogic tree and family registers, recovery of photos

Aleksandra Lavrenko

I like helping people find information about their ancestors. If I can make somebody happy this way, let it be my contribution to the development of genealogic search in the Baltic States.

Skills — search coordination, interviewing, correspondence, document indexing

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