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Genealogy research in Baltic states

Our Services

Genealogical research

  • Assistance in reconstructing family history
  • Confirmation of Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Jewish roots
  • Drawing up a pedigree charts and designing a family tree

Search for relatives

  • Assistance in finding lost relatives in Latvia
  • Contacting relatives as part of genealogical research

Reading of old documents

  • Reading of historical records
  • Assistance in interpreting entries in old documents
  • Translation of entries in old documents into English

Study of historical events related to the family

  • Study of the influence of certain historical events on family history
  • Establishing connections with historical figures
  • Reconstruction of biographies of ancestors and their contributions to history

Searching for information about the places of residence of ancestors

  • Search of historical data about villages, cities or regions
  • Reconstruction of daily life and living conditions of ancestors
  • Assistance in finding places related to family

Organizing trips to the homeland of our ancestors

  • Planning genealogical trips and tours
  • Assistance in organizing visits to places related to family history
  • Accompaning during the trip (only in Riga and its surroundings)

Genealogy consultations and training

  • Individual consultations on genealogy and archival search
  • Training in the basics of genealogical research

Digitization of genealogical materials

  • Digitization of old photographs and documents
  • Creation of electronic family archives

Genealogical research



Search for a birth, marriage or death record

You indicate the date and place of the event, as well as the surname and first name of the person born or deceased, or the surnames and first names of those getting married. It is advisable to add the names of the parents, if they are known, and other information that will help more accurately identify the desired record.

We estimate how many registry books we have to look at for this area and for this time period. We agree on this volume, price and timing.

You make a 100% prepayment and we get to work. If it is necessary to overview a large number of cases, we can divide the search into stages, each of which will be paid for separately.



Searching for information about family members

You provide information about one or more family members known to you, the time period and geography of the search.

The search is supposed to be based on the following sources: family lists, revision lists, census forms.

After we estimate the expected volume of cases, we agree on it, as well as on the price and deadline.

You make a 50% advance payment and we begin the search. If necessary, it can be divided into stages. Then the prepayment for each stage will be 100%.



Searching for information in archival inventores and files

You are interested in searching for some specific information in archive. You write to us about what exactly you want to find.

Depending on the volume of expected viewing, we determine and agree on the price and deadline.

After approval and 100% prepayment, we order everything needed and look through it in search of the required information.



Search for any information about a person, family or object

You indicate everything you know about the search topic.

We estimate the approximate amount of work at the first stage. After approval and 100% prepayment we begin work. Upon completion, we analyze the results and determine further directions for the search.

Next, we agree on the cost of the next stage and deadline.

The work continues in stages until you decide that the information found is enough, or until the possibilities to continue the search are exhausted.



Biographical search: study, work, service, etc.

You know where your ancestor studied or worked, or where he served, or maybe was convicted, or was an immigrant, and you want to know more about it.

Having analyzed the volume of expected work, we determine and agree on the price and deadline, you make a 50% advance payment for the entire work. If it is divided into stages, you make a 100% advance payment for the first stage. Upon completion of the work, we analyze the search results and determine its further directions.

In case of a step-by-step search, we move on to the second stage and so on while it is necessary.



Family tree on your wall

You have some information about your ancestors and you want to embody all this in the form of a family tree in a frame on the wall.

This price is for a tree made in one of the standard styles and with up to 50 people, excluding printing and framing costs. Increasing the number of people or choosing an individual style will lead to an increase in the cost of the project.

After we agree on the price and deadline you make a 50% prepayment, and we start the project. If necessary, for a fee, we will help you organize the information needed for the tree and fill in the gaps in it.

Examples of reports design

Typical report

After research, archival search or decoding of paleographic texts, we draw up a report. This report has a typical design and modular construction.

Report structure

Family tree

From GEDCOM file to finished family tree

How do we do it?

About Us


In the times of Adam and Eva everything was clear and simple and nobody needed genealogy. Since then lots of things got so complicated that even prominent genealogists sometimes cannot sort out the history of a family. Working in the territory of the Baltic States we also try to contribute to this magnificent investigation of mankind. And who knows, may be we will be lucky to have a closer look at the distant past because our ancestors are alive as long as we remember them.

Andrei Repin

My interest in genealogy started from curiosity about the history of my family. Finding documents of my ancestors in archives, sorting out old photos and collecting family legends I moved up from generation to generation. Many years have passed since then. Investigating the tree of life I came to better understanding of myself, found my place in this world and realised that my higher purpose is to help people with tracing their genealogy.

Skills – search, documentation of a genealogic tree and family registers, recovery of photos

Aleksandra Lavrenko

I like helping people find information about their ancestors. If I can make somebody happy this way, let it be my contribution to the development of genealogic search in the Baltic States.

Skills – search coordination, correspondence

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